The comprehensive guide on Aer Lingus Baggage Policy

Aer Lingus Baggage Policy

Aer Lingus is the prominent flag carrier of Ireland that offers flight services at international & domestic networks in the world. The airline provides excellent flight services to the passengers at the budgeted airfare. It is advised for the passengers who have booked the flight tickets for the first time that before boarding the flight the customer must be known the Aer Lingus Baggage Policy. So that they carry the baggage as per the limit allowed by the airline, people can connect with the customer service team for any queries and grievances. The agents are available 24/7 to provide assistance.

Aer Lingus Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

The limits prescribed by the airlines for checked baggage must be followed by the passenger airlines will charge extra fees from the passenger. As per the Aer Lingus checked baggage policy, the limits prescribed by the airlines must be within 55*40*24cm (weight allowed must be 10 kg). In the case of a regional cabin checked baggage, the dimensions for the bag must be 48*33*20 cm (the weight allowed is 7 kg). For others, the limits are 158 cm & the total combined weight of two bags must not exceed 40 kg.

Aer Lingus Airlines Checked Baggage Fees

The Aer Lingus baggage fees will differ as per the mode you have made additions for the baggage. The modes by which you can add baggage to your flight journey include online mode, manage booking, check-in, call center & airport. The online checked baggage fees are usually the lowest. Get the details here below:

1. For excess baggage of more than 20 kg, airlines will charge €25, €40 & €55 from the passenger.

2. In case the weight is up to 40 kg or more than it. Then, the passenger will have to pay €65, €70 & €85.

Aer Lingus Excess Baggage

While boarding the flight, if the weight of the bags exceeds the prescribed limits, you will have to pay the excess baggage fees to the airline. Usually, if the bag's weight exceeds the 10 kg limit, it will be considered an excess bag. The fees will vary per the mode you applied to purchase the bag.


Question 1: Does Aer Lingus give you a free checked bag?

Answer: Airlines will allow the passenger to take one personal item & one carry-on bag for free. If you have Flex or Smart Fares, then Aer Lingus excess baggage will be allowed. You can take one checked bag of up to 23 kg (50lb) for free. The excess fees will be applied for up to 2 additional bags.

Question 2: What is the baggage allowance on Aer Lingus?

Answer: The maximum baggage the airlines allow to passengers is three checked bags (per direction). The Aer Lingus baggage dimensions must be within 158 cm (62") (length + width + height). The size & dimensions for any bag must be at most 32 kg (70lb). For any excess, you must pay additional charges to the airlines.

Question 3: How much baggage can I bring on an Aer Lingus flight?

Answer: The dimensions and size prescribed by the airlines for the single bag are 158 cm (62") (length + width + height). The maximum Aer Lingus baggage weight limit for the bags allowed by the airlines is three checked bags. The baggage weight limits for three bags are mentioned here below:

1st checked bag: 20 kg (44lbs)
2nd checked bag: 25 kg (55lbs)
3rd checked bag: 30 kg (66lbs)

If the size of the bag exceeds the limits and the allowed numbers, then the customer will have to pay the extra charges (per direction).

Question 4: How many pieces of hand luggage can I carry on board with Aer Lingus?

Answer: As per the Aer Lingus baggage restrictions, customers are allowed to carry up to 2 handbags. It can be exceeded to 3 bags for a few customers who carry the Superflex membership of the airlines. The baggage limit prescribed by the airlines for one piece is up to 7 kg & the maximum dimensions allowed by the airlines are 48 * 33 * 20 cm. In the case of the other flights to the destinations, airline will allow one piece as the cabin baggage & the limits for it will be up to 10 kg, and the maximum dimension prescribed by the airline is 55 * 40 * 24 cm.

Question 5: Are there any restrictions on liquids or aerosols in hand luggage with Aer Lingus?

Answer: While taking the baggage to the flight, all the items you carry must be according to the Aer Lingus baggage rules while taking the baggage to the flight. There are a few forbidden & restricted items prescribed by the airlines. The passengers cannot carry the bag, which is prohibited by the airlines. The airlines will not allow the passenger to travel with a liquid container that is more than 3.4 ounces or 100ml at the aircraft in cabin. The customer who is carrying the plastic containers must remember that they must be kept in a zip-top type of plastic bag. The weight of all the containers combined must be at most one liter.

Question 6: Is there an additional fee for bringing extra baggage on an Aer Lingus flight?

Answer: The additional fee charged by the airlines for excess bags is prescribed by the airlines. The Aer Lingus baggage allowance must be within the limits; otherwise, you will be required to pay extra charges. If the bag of the passenger gets overweight at the airport, then they will be required to pay additional charges to the officials at the airport. The fee charged by the airlines will be per kilogram & also depends upon the routes and destinations. The additional fee charged by the airlines will be around €10 per extra kilo and in the case of a transatlantic flight, it will cost around €75 per bag.

Question 7: What is the cost of excess baggage on Aer Lingus flights?

Answer: The cost for excess baggage will depend upon the Aer Lingus baggage size. The customers must take the bag as per the policy of the airlines. The size of the bag for more than 20 kg will cost around 10 Euros. The limit for the excess bag in the transatlantic flight, which is weighing around 23 kg to 32 kg, then the passenger will be required to pay 75 Euros to airlines.

For any further query, one can connect with the official agent of the airline or visit the airport. The agent aims ay providing instant solutions to the customers.

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