Alaska Airlines Economy Baggage Policy & Fees

Alaska Airlines Economy Baggage Policy & Fees

Alaska Airlines Economy Baggage Policy: When you choose to fly with Alaska Airlines in Economy class, it is important to understand the baggage related information beforehand. One should know about the baggage allowance they receive on their flight, the additional fees to add baggage & other allowances. Alaska has various types of fare classes but if you have considered flying economy class, you will find the required info in the context below.

The Baggage Policies of Alaska Airlines

The baggage for economy class passengers has been divided into different categories and the allowance for each of the category are mentioned here:-


It consists of one carry-on luggage & one personal item in the flight cabin. It is placed on the overhead bin or under the front seat of the passenger. The allowance for the same are as follows:-

  • The size of the carry-on bag is limited to 22*14*9 which also includes the wheels & handles of the bag.
  • One small item such as a laptop bag, purse or briefcase can be taken as a personal item in the cabin.
  • Each passenger is permitted to carry one carry-on bag & one personal item for free.

Checked Baggage

The checked baggage is those that are transferred to the destination separately at Alaska Airlines. There are charges to carry checked baggage with you & allowances of the same are as follows:-

  • The limited dimension of checked baggage is 62 inches per bag.
  • The weight of bag must not exceed 23 kg.

Special Baggage

Sports equipment, medical equipment & other things are included in Alaska Airlines special baggage policy. The following rules apply when adding a special to your economy class airline ticket:-

  • Additional fees will be applied to carry special baggage on your flight.
  • The special baggage is transferred to luggage room separately with proper packaging & care.
  • If a passenger must carry any medical item & has medical certificates for the same they will not be required to pay the additional charge.

Prohibited Items

As per the Alaska Airlines economy baggage policy some items have been prohibited from being carried on the flight due to safety reasons. The prohibited items are:-

  • Electronic smoking devices
  • Flammable items
  • Sharp objects like knives or nail cutter
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Pressurized containers

Oversized and Overweight Baggage

In case your baggage exceeds the provided allowance for your fare you will be obligated to pay the Alaska Airlines baggage fees depending on the condition. The policy for oversized and overweight baggage are:-

  • The fee for overweight baggage up to 46 kg is $100. Any bag weighing more than 46 kg will not be accepted at Alaska Airlines.
  • The oversized bags at Alaska are charged between $100 to $150 and a big size exceeding 292 centimeters will not be acceptable.

Additional Baggage Fee

Passengers who would like to add additional baggage to their economy class flight ticket can add the required allowance by paying the applicable fees at the airline. Alaska Airlines Additional Baggage Fees are as follows:-

  • First checked baggage: 30 USD
  • Second Checked Baggage: 40 USD
  • Third and Fourth Baggage: 100 USD

Hence, when you have a flight with Alaska Airlines & you have a reservation on the economy class, consider following the provided information. The Alaska Airlines Economy Baggage Allowance will help you to understand how many items can be carried and what will be the additional cost.

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