How can students avail Air India student discounts?

Air India Student Discounts

Air India is a well known, trustful air carrier that offers on-time flights to fliers. It covers both domestic and international destinations all around cities. Any student who wishes to travel with the mentioned Airways can apply for the discounts. If interested fliers want to avail of Air India Student Discounts, they need to pay attention to this blog in detail. Also, the Airlines will make their flight ticket price affordable, fitting their budgets and making seamless flight service experiences.

How can students avail of Air India student discounts?

Interested fliers can avail of scholar discounts on the Airlines while booking flights. They can do it online or via Phone, an offline method and they should learn about the process of availing student discounts.

Use Online methods to get student discounts:

Online is a feasible way to obtain a correct Air India flight booking discount. Fliers can book from any corner of the world and they should have proper internet access to use it correctly. Also, travelers can follow some steps below cautiously.

  • Travelers can go to the Air India standard website
  • Student fliers can enter necessary air journey details like trip type, travel date, origin and destination points.
  • Afterward, they can click on the Book Now button.
  • They can fill in their student ID number under the discount offer options.
  • At last, passengers must select the tickets and proceed with the payment option to confirm discounted flight tickets.

Use the Phone to avail of student discounts:

Fliers can also prefer phones if they cannot continue with the online process. Travelers can contact Air India customer service at +1-888-634-1407 and get instant flight support on call and they can stick with the primary steps.

  1. Initially, scholars can contact Air India customer care.
  2. They can wait on the call for agents' presence.
  3. When the executives are available, they can tell the candidate ID number or enter it on the dial pad per the instructions.
  4. The dedicated live operators will help travelers in getting discounted flight tickets.

What is the student discount offered by Air India?

Only eligible flyers who are real students with valid IDs or other forms of identification are often granted discount privileges by Air India. Flyers can obtain savings of up to 25% off on their airline tickets from the airlines and they also get special benefits that make flying more enjoyable. Additionally there are special guidelines for obtaining discounts on airlines. These guidelines are outlined in points below:-

  1. Eligibility: Air India allows only students with at least one year of the full course at any reputed academic Institution. Also, the student's age should be between 12 and 26 years on departure date.
  2. Valid Student ID: Interested fliers must submit valid approved student IDs from the educational institutions.
  3. Flight Ticket Validity: Candidates should have ticket validity up to one year from the issuance date.

Types of Student Discounts Offered by Air India

Normally, Airlines offer discounts on flight tickets in terms of price and one additional baggage allowance up to 23 kg on domestic routes or 20 kg on international destinations without additional costs. So it depends on candidates which types of Air India Student Discounts they are looking for & the Airways offers several other amenities which can ease their trip. 

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