Detailed guide on Cebu Pacific baggage policy

Cebu Pacific Baggage Policy and Fees

Cebu Pacific Air is a Philippine low cost airline based in Pasay in Metro Manila. Asia’s oldest and low cost airline operates scheduled flights to domestic and international destinations. It provides suitable flight booking service to various destinations with its excellent baggage service. If you need a detailed guide on Cebu Pacific baggage policy and Fees, it enables you to travel with one carry-on baggage into the main cabin. This baggage must have a maximum weight of 7 kg and the dimensions must not exceed 56cm in height, 36cm in width and 23cm in length.

When you plan your trip to your required destination and want to get complete details for the baggage information, you must go through the policy. You will learn the baggage service for hand carry, checked, and Special baggage service to make your travel convenient. You will check with the specific Cebu Pacific baggage policy to avoid unnecessary trouble and go through the complete details of the baggage service in this airline suitably.

For hand carry baggage

  • When you travel with one hand carry baggage in the main cabin, its weight must not exceed 7 kg and dimensions should be 56x36x23cm.
  • Your carry-on baggage must be fitted inside the overhead bin and under the seat.
  • When you travel in business class, you can carry at least two pieces of baggage with limited weight and size in dimensions.
  • If you travel with your parents and children, you can add extra baggage and medical related needs of passengers.
  • When you purchase any item at the airport, you can carry it and present it at the check-in counter during boarding.
  • In the carry-on baggage, you can also travel with gadgets, food items or any small luggage that must be fitted under the seat.

For checked baggage

  • You can travel with one checked baggage with a maximum weight of 20 kg in economy and 32 kg in business class.
  • You can travel with at least two baggage if you are in business class and the maximum weight must be 64kg.
  • When you check with the CEB prepaid baggage allowance, you can get it at the time of booking and during managed booking within 2 hours before flight departure.
  • If you travel with any excess pieces, weights and sizes, you have to pay the extra fee.
  • When you travel with strollers and walking canes, they could be checked in for free and plan your trip especially.

Special baggage service

You may get help for baggage protection and exceptional baggage service to securely travel to your required destination.  You can travel with sports equipment, surfboard, musical instrument and so on.

Restricted items

You can’t travel with restricted items such as Flammable liquids, Flammable solids, Organic peroxides, Poisons, Infective substances, Magnetic substances, oxidizing materials, etc.

Fees for baggage

When you travel with at least two pieces of baggage in Economy with a maximum size of 15 kg, you must pay Cebu Pacific baggage fees of 200 PHP to 1000 PHP. You have to pay 320 PHP to 1300 PHP for standard baggage service. If you travel with large baggage with a maximum weight of 66 kg, Cebu asks you to pay 650 PHP to 1900 PHP per head.


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