A Detailed Guide to Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Fees and Policy: Detailed Guide

People who have made the reservation ticket with Hawaiian Airlines flights are advised to get some knowledge about Hawaiian Airlines baggage policy and guidelines so that they don’t face any trouble at the time of flight boarding with their bags. So, with the help of this information, people can get all the relevant details about carrying bags on Hawaiian Airlines flights. This information guide will help the passengers in exceeding their baggage limit or add more luggage to their reservation.

A detailed guide to Hawaiian Airlines baggage policy and fees

People who want to learn the baggage policy of Hawaiian Airlines can go through this guide below since they can face issues with their bags at the time of flight boarding. The basic guidelines of carrying bags are that passengers are allowed one personal item, one carry-on bag for free and one checked luggage which fee may apply on increasing the number of bags. Passengers can also travel with Sports equipment and musical instruments.

Provide some guidelines for traveling with carry-on baggage with Hawaiian Airlines flights:

  • According to the Hawaiian Airlines baggage policy, passengers can travel with one carry-on luggage and one personal item for free including a purse, laptop bag and briefcase.
  • Passenger carry-on luggage must be within the specific size and weight restrictions which are 45 linear inches (22 x 14 x 9 in) and include wheels and handles.
  • The carry-on bag should be adjusted under your front seat or in the passenger’s overhead bin.
  • As per the Hawaiian Airlines flight rules, diaper bags, assistive devices like wheelchairs, strollers, child restraint seats, walkers and other items will not fall under the carry-on bags category.

What are the rules for checked baggage on Hawaiian Airlines flights?

The checked baggage is also known as the hold luggage so whoever is going to travel with the checked luggage is recommended to read this blog:-

  1. Passengers on Hawaiian Airlines flights can carry two standard bags, allowing them to add up to a maximum of 10 bags.
  2. The maximum size of checked baggage can be 62 inches including length + width + height of luggage.
  3. As per the Hawaiian Airlines flight rules, the maximum weight of carry-on luggage is 23 kg.

How much must the passengers pay for baggage fees on Hawaiian Airlines flights?

People who add more bags to their reservation with Hawaiian Airlines tickets will be subject to the Hawaiian Airlines baggage fees which depend on the ticket they are purchasing, their destination & several other factors. As per the airline policy, people who have a membership of Hawaiian Airlines will be charged $30 AND $25 on their first bag for the flight on Neighbor Island flights. To add a second bag, travelers must pay $40 and $35 for Neighbor Island flights. According to the airline rules, passengers are not required to pay any charge for the first two bags on international flights from and to the US.

  • People traveling with excess bags will need to pay $50 per bag on the reservation on Neighbor Island flight.
  • If a person adds three or more bags to their reservation for International reservation, he will be charged $150.
  • The baggage fee will apply to the passengers whose bag weight is greater than the specific weight limit of 23 kg.

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