How long does KLM Airlines take to refund?

How long does KLM Airlines take to refund?

KLM Airlines approves passengers to cancel the refundable & non refundable tickets. So you have decided to cancel the flight due to a delayed flight. How long does KLM take to refund? Find out the relevant information about the refund would be helpful to you.

What are the KLM refund guidelines?

To get the refund, you need to meet the KLM flight refund policy. If these policies are followed only then passengers are entitled to the refund:

1. If the reservation is canceled or delayed more than 90 minutes within Europe and the return flight was scheduled on the same day you decided not to take an alternative flight. Passengers can apply for a refund.

2. Light and Standard tickets are non refundable. Travelers are entitled to vouchers that can be used within a year to book the flight.

3. Flex tickets and business class are refundable & flyers will be offered the amount after deducting the cancelation fee depending on the fare. And the amount will be transferred to the same mode used to make the payment.

4. Flyers can buy a refund within 24 hours after purchasing the extra baggage space.

5. KLM Crown Lounge 25 service is bought, but you must cancel it. The airline allows a refund for the lounge within 24 hours after making the reservation or you didn’t avail of the services. Travelers who upgraded to Business Class because the ticket cost includes lounge access.

Flight not booked via KLM

You can request online refund help when tickets are bought directly from the airline. However, you purchase the tickets through travel agents. First, you need to speak with the travel agents. In case of any issues, you can also contact KLM customer support.


Question 1: When will I get my flight refund amount?

Answer: Usually, the processing time once the request is approved is two to four weeks. If you apply for a refund all your tickets will be canceled immediately. Passengers need to call off their tickets before check-in to get the refund amount.

Question 2: How do I check the status of my KLM refund?

Answer: Flyers need to follow the refund status of their canceled flight. Check the steps shared below:

1. Visit the link,
2. Scroll down to “Check the status of your refund.”
3. After clicking, enter the booking code and last name.
4. Click on the confirm.

You will be sharing the present data about the status of your refund. In case of any issues, flyers can contact customer support for refund queries.

Question 3: How to apply for a KLM flight refund online?

Answer: Due to family emergencies or health conditions, flyers have to fill out the form to get a cash refund. How to get refund easily from KLM? Check the simple instructions to connect with a live representative:

1. Go to the link,
2. Click on the request for a refund.
3. Enter the details like the Booking code and last name.
4. Select the confirm button.
5. Fill out the details and hit the submit button.

Question 4: Is there an alternative way to request a refund?

Answer: Travelers can connect with a live representative at the airport or through customer support.

Ticket counter

At the airport, you can connect with a live representative. At the ticket counter mentioned in your confirmation ticket, you will find a human agent that will help you to cancel and request a refund from the airline.

Customer support

If you can’t reach the airport, you can still connect with the airline through a phone call. Dial the KLM phone number 1 (800) 618-0104 for assistance. Follow the IVR instructions and choose the language to speak with the right customer agents. The helpline is approachable throughout the day to help you.

Question 5: Can I get a full refund from KLM?

Answer: Passengers can ask for the full amount if the ticket is unused via online or customer support. However, you will be immediately informed how much you are entitled to, full or partial. The amount will be transferred within 2 to 4 weeks.

Question 6: When can you cancel a flight for a full refund?

Answer: Regardless of the fares, you can get a full KLM refund for your flight booking when the flight is called off within 24 hours. Due to 24 hours Klm policy, passengers can cancel and change their tickets without paying any charges. After that, you must pay the charges depending on factors like ticket type, fare, destination & date.

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