What is Frontier Airlines Economy Baggage Policy?

Frontier Airlines Economy Baggage Policy

Frontier Airlines Economy Baggage Policy: When it comes to air travel, understanding the baggage policy of your chosen airline is essential to ensure a smooth and hassle free journey. Frontier Airlines is among those airlines known for their budget friendly fares and have specific baggage guidelines that passengers should know before packing their bags and heading to the airport. Let's delve into the key aspects of the rules and regulations mentioned in Frontier Airlines Economy Baggage Policy and all other rules for the baggage in other flight classes to get a better understanding before you proceed to board your flight.

The rules for all the baggage types and items allowed to be carried by the passengers and the Frontier Airlines Economy Baggage Allowance are explained here as follows.

Baggage in Economy Class

Baggage allowance for Economy class passengers varies based on fare type and additional features selected. Generally, Frontier Airlines' Economy passengers are allowed one free personal item that fits under the seat. However, checked baggage and carry-on bags may come with additional fees.

Baggage in other class

Passengers traveling under any other class, like Classic or classic plus can carry one personal item and carry-on baggage without charges. If they bring the baggage outside the given limit, in that case they might have to pay additional baggage charges.

Frontier Airlines Baggage size and weight

Personal Item

The size of the personal item should be under 14" tall, 18" wide and 8" long. The personal items include a laptop bag, briefcase, thick purse, totes, kid's packs & more.

Carry-on Baggage

Remember, your carry-on bag must be no larger than 24" x 10" x 16" and weigh no more than 35 pounds. You can stow it in the overhead bin or under your seat. Acceptable options include backpacks, duffel bags and small suitcases.

Checked Baggage

Baggage should be at most 62 linear inches or 40 pounds. Extra charges apply for bags weighing 41-50 or 51-99 pounds and oversized or overweight bags. Bags over 100 lbs or 110 inches won't be accepted.

Types of Fare Classes

Frontier Airlines typically offers a range of fare classes, each with benefits and baggage allowances. These fare classes include Basic Economy, Standard Economy and more. Passengers should carefully review the details of each fare class before booking their tickets to understand the baggage allowances and any additional fees that may apply.

Additional Baggage Fees:

The fee structure for additional baggage can be quite dynamic and depend on factors like when the baggage is added, the specific fare class and whether you're a member of their loyalty program. The average baggage fee will be from $50 to $100, depending on the factors mentioned. Frontier Airlines Additional Baggage Fees for checked and carry-on bags can increase closer to your departure date, so paying for baggage during the initial booking process or as soon as possible is recommended to secure the lowest possible fee.

Things allow carrying under personal item

Frontier Airlines' allowance for personal items for Economy passengers is quite generous compared to other airlines. Passengers can bring one small personal item onboard without any additional charges. Frontier Airlines Personal Item Allowance includes items like a purse, laptop bag or small backpack and should easily fit under the seat in front of you.

Final words

In conclusion, Frontier baggage policy for the Economy fare class involves certain allowances for personal items and more.

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