7 Major International Flights Booking Tips

7 Major Tips For Booking International Flights

Traveling to any international location is expensive. The greatest travel alternatives for a location can be found by using some important international flight booking tips. You must use the crucial information & tips provided if you are planning a trip to a foreign country and want to get there without spending a lot of money.

International flights booking tips

1. Best time to book International flights: insider tips for affordable fares

Best time to book International flights: If you are planning to board an international flight and you are looking for the best time to make reservations, then you must make bookings at least 5 to 6 months in advance of flight departure. Most of the major airlines providing flights to various destinations open reservation counters for at least 9 to 10 months. Travelers can use the online booking process or they can contact the customer service of their corresponding airlines & ask them to make reservations by providing passenger details. Early booking can save a lot of money for international destinations.

2. Choosing the right airlines for International travel

Right airlines for International travel: whenever you are planning to travel to any international destination, you must select the best flight option available not only to travel comfortably but also to explore destinations at economical fares. Making a selection can be confusing, but customers can take the help of various online platforms to compare flight fares and other inflight services. As they discover the best option on their preferred traveling date, they can make ticket payments and make travel to their selected destination comfortably. 

3. Exploring alternate airports

Sometimes when any passenger selects a particular airport for flight boarding or landing, the fare displayed is different as compared to other airports in the same city. The reason can be anything, but it is wise to select alternate airports to unlock savings on your international trip. 

4. Book in advance for better prices

The flight booking rule to get cheaper rates is early booking. Once travelers decide which date they want to travel on and which palace to explore, they must not wait even for a minute and instead make ticket bookings. This alternative is best to save costs as the flight fares increase rapidly as the departure date arrives near. 

5. Use incognito mode or clear cookies for lower prices

Those customers who want to travel to any destination at a cheaper fare can search for their flights in the incognito mode of the browser. This trick is beneficial since the normal mode used for browsing generally saves the search of customers, and later on, that history is passed and used by different airlines to compare and analyze the search and reservation process. Finally, the ticket fares are increased after a certain number of searches. On the other hand, if any customer searches for his flight in private or incognito mode or clears cookies after searching for the flight, the fare displayed is relatively less. 

6. Take advantage of frequent flyer programs and loyalty points

If you already have loyalty points that are earned after becoming a frequent flyer program member, then you can utilize them to make ticket purchases. This is a great way to save your booking cost. You can use travel discount codes to purchase tickets & reduce the cost if you have them.

7. Consider travel insurance for protection

Travel insurance is an appropriate option for travelers whose travel plan is not confirmed. If any passenger purchases travel insurance & post flight reservation, his travel plan gets canceled, then he has the facility to cancel his bookings without paying any cancellation charges. Also, if your bags or other items are lost during your journey, then you are eligible to receive compensation for the loss if you possess travel insurance. 


1. What time of day is International flights cheapest?

Late-night and early-morning flights to international destinations are usually available at lower fares. Also, it is observed flights scheduled on Tuesdays and Wednesdays are available at lower fares as compared to other days of the week.

2. Are International flights cheap on the same day?

No, same day flights are never available at cheaper fares to international destinations. However, in case of exceptions when seats are available, some airlines provide flights at much-discounted fares to sell the tickets.

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