9 Best Fly Fishing Destinations In Caribbean Islands

9 Best Fly Fishing Destinations In Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean is an American subregion that includes the Caribbean Sea & the islands which are mostly surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. The Caribbean has the most breathtaking waterscape view along with spectacular marine life. And most of the tourists have experienced the most beautiful sea life and enjoy the boring and fishing. Also, the warm water of the sea enables you to do the fishing at any time of year. Now assume that you are looking for the best view & fishing destination then you are in the right place. Here we are going to discuss “9 Best Fly Fishing Destinations in Caribbean Islands” which will give you amazing views as well as most amazing fishes that will tantalize your taste buds. So, keep reading to learn about the amazing fishing techniques and species of fish to catch.

1. Bahamas Acklins

In case If you are into bonefishing and big game fishing, then Acklins in the Bahamas is the go to spot for you as they offer bonefishing at large scales. If you are wondering what bonefishing is, it is basically a sport where the angler locates the hooks and catches a bonefish through their fishing skills. And the big fishing game indicates the game of fishing in which the fishermen land large species like Tuna or Marlin. So, Acklins is one of the most famous and big fishing spots where you definitely go & try your luck in catching fish.

2. Cuba’s Jardines De La Reina

Jardines De La Reina is the best Caribbean fishing spot which is characterized by amazing block corals, landscapes & healthy mangroves. For the Cuban mainland, this destination is 25 miles away. Also, this archipelago is visited by numerous foreign visitors because of the strict fishing rules and regulations of the area. Also, these Foreign anglers have considered this archipelago similar to the Florida Keys. And the species that are found in this area are permit, snapper, tarpon, barracuda & jacks. If you are planning to visit this Island then try to visit from March to July.

3. Mexico's Espiritu Santo Bay

Espiritu Santo Bay is the place to go if you are a tourist looking for the best fishing spots in Caribbean. Therefore, if you enjoy exploring new places, this is the place for you because it is home to tropical wilderness, tidal flats with a high concentration of algae & oyster reefs, which are fundamentally different species' natural habitats. If you are new to fishing, you should undoubtedly like your experience here because you will encounter young tarpon in a variety of sizes.

4. Belie in Ambergris Caye

If you wish to have the best fishing vacation, then you can definitely put this on your bucket list. Here you will have vast fishing opportunities because of the bays, inlets, lagoons & atolls. Also, this Ambergris Caye is well known for its pristine open water and great flats. Here also, you will get tarpon, permit, and bonefish. And on this Island, you will see saltwater things that will give a new look to your fishing.

5. Puerto Rico Fajardo

Fajardo is just 36 miles away from Puerto Rico but is basically known as the best deep sea fishing in Caribbean, As it is a combination of the Caribbean & north equatorial currents, which has become a good site for different species. Most of the fishermen get to catch the marlin, kingfish tuna, tarpon & albacore. This Island has a wide variety of jigging, trolling, reeling and bottom fishing. So, for more assistance, you can contact the resort at the Fajardo.

6. Caicos and Turks

Many of those are the home to colossal barrier reefs in the entire Caribbean, which is a perfect habitat for various species. The most frequently caught species of this Island are Turks, Caicos, bonefish, grouper, snapper & tuna. So it is known as one of the fly fishing destinations, but if you are thinking of visiting this Island, try to buy easy to use reels, which will be a real help for beginners. If you are a pro at fishing, consider this place first.

7. Dominican Republic's Punta Cana

Punta Cana is best fly fishing destination in Caribbean, as many anglers have broken their record for fishing at this destination which is why it is known as the Dominican Republic's fishing capital. Punta Cana has a wide variety of fish like sailfish, catch marlin, parrotfish, snook, tarpon & triggerfish. To watch the amazing blue marlin, you need to schedule your trip in the month of June to September as here this consider the best month for fishing from where you can enhance a lot of your fishing skills.

8. Honduras's Bay Island

This spot allows anglers to be go getters for their trophy catch because of the relaxed fishing rules. On the bay Island, you will see a wide variety of wahoo, great barracuda & mahi tet. Also, catch jerks, marlin, snapper & tuna also catches the anglers. February to July is considered the best fishing month. You may locate your trip this month as the best fishing experience.

9. Chester's bonefish lodge

Due of the Bahamian resorts' yellow dog books, if you are searching for a DIY fishing vacation you should take this into account. The majority of the fishing is done while wading on the vast flats with bonefish serving as the club's main source of income.


So, here are the top fishing spots near the Caribbean, along with all the information on fishing that you will definitely need. Here you can learn amazing fishing techniques & it is the best destination for the beginner who is eager to learn. Fishing is a must for them to visit. The Caribbean is America's most preferred place for fishing. You can go there and learn about fishing. And considering the months will be July to September here you can have a wide variety of fish. For more information, you can contact the fishing lodges they will tell you about the new experience that you are gonna have.

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