What is Air Ticket Cancellation Charges and Policy

Air Ticket Cancellation Charges, Policy

Like every other business, flight service is also money making business. And it is why passengers generally don't get a refund when the flight is canceled or delayed by the airline until and unless they apply for it. However, on the other hand if a passenger changes or cancels their flight, they have to pay a hefty sum of cancellation charges to the airline.

Air ticket cancellation can be the most confusing and challenging part of buying a flight ticket. It is because every airline has its own flight change & cancellation policies. A passenger must understand these terms and conditions before applying for a refund. And for doing so, a thorough understanding of cancellation policy is required. This blog will serve as your ultimate guide to understanding air ticket cancellation charges applied in almost every airline. But to understand the ticket cancellation charges it is crucial to know about the general cancellation policy and the eligibility to apply for a refund.

Overview of air ticket cancellation policy

The cancellation policy of every airline differs from one another & it plays a major role in determining the possible air ticket cancellation charges. Travelers must go through the airline's cancellation policy before booking their flight, especially if there is uncertainty.

Here are some of the general cancellation policies for flights:-

  • Passengers can cancel their flight tickets anytime before the departure; however, it is advised to cancel at least 2 hours before departure.
  • The cancellation charges will increase as per the departure time.
  • The policies for refundable & non refundable flights are different.
  • The 24 hour flight cancellation policy applies to both refundable & non refundable tickets.
  • A passenger with a non refundable ticket can only cancel their flight within 24 hours of the flight booking time.
  • If a passenger applies for a flight change then the fare difference must be paid by the passenger.
  • The refunded credit of your canceled flight can either be sent to you as a flight credit score which can be used for future bookings or to your initial payment mode.

Please note:- The cancellation policy mentioned above is subject to change & may vary from airline to airline. So make sure to visit the airline's official website and get the specific policy for your flight.

Overview of air ticket cancellation charges

The cancellation charges of each airline are different. Some airlines are generous and flexible regarding their cancellation charges & some are not so generous and rigid about their charges:-

  • As per the U.S. Department of Transportation rule, no cancellation charges shall be applied to the passenger if the cancellation has been made within 24 hours of the booking time.
  • The 24 hour cancellation policy applies to every passenger regardless of the ticket type and the class of travel.
  • One thing to remember while applying for a refund under 24 hours policy is that the passengers are eligible to get the refund only if the flight was booked at least 7 days before the departure.
  • In most of cases, airline offers their passengers travel credit for canceling the flight & only in a few cases will the airline refund the money back to the passengers.
  • If passengers cancel their flight tickets 60+ days before departure, 25% cancellation charges will apply.
  • If passengers cancel their flight 60 or fewer days before departure, 75% cancellation charges will apply.


The airline advises their passengers to contact the initial source from where they have booked their flight ticket to apply for a refund. Because if a passenger had booked their tickets through any third party source, they should be contacted for all refund and related queries. The airline will provide refunds to only those passengers who applied for it and who have booked their tickets through the airline's authenticated ways & methods only.


Question: How to apply for a refund for the flight tickets?

Answer: There are various ways by which a passenger can apply for a refund for their flight tickets. It can be done through the airline's official website over a phone call, at the airline's office & others.

Explanation of the ways are as follows:

  • Through the airline's website

One of the easiest ways to request a refund is by applying through the airline's official website. Passengers must visit the Manage Trips section, cancel their flight & request a refund. The same section can also be used to track your existing request.

  • Via phone call

The refund request can also be made by contacting the airline's customer service executives over a phone call. The contact numbers are available on the airline's website. So, dial the correct number & get your required assistance.

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