What is United Airlines baggage policy?

What is United Airlines' baggage policy?

United Airlines is one of the central air carriers in the USA & flies to more than 200 destinations in the US and 120 variant locations internationally. If you plan to travel somewhere with United Airlines, you should know what items you can carry and what must be its overall weight to avoid any flight service problems. Before booking, you should know about United Airlines' baggage policy because of limited space availability. The following policy points are essential before carrying any item on the flights.

  • Passengers can use single full-sized carry-on bags with the dimensions of 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches at travel time.
  • They can also use one personal item, which has a maximum size of 9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches respectively. If travelers use introductory economy class, they can carry only one personal item.
  • The maximum dimensions permitted for checked bags is 30 in x 20 in x 12 in & travelers cannot use more than this at the time of United flight use.
  • Irregular baggage size or oversized baggage is not accepted at United Airlines.
  • Deformed plastic wrapping of items is prohibited. The proper plastic wrapping is accepted at the Airport under security check-up.
  • The traveler's bag weights, if available, depend on their cabin & mileage status. For United Economy, the maximum weights accepted are 50 pounds and 23 kg.
  • Similarly, for United Business and business class, the maximum weight allowed is 70 pounds and 32 kg.
  • Passengers cannot carry knives, scissors, needles or combustible substances. If travelers are carrying any medical equipment, they need special permission from the Airport authority personnel.
  • Travelers can carry some personal items with their carry bags, like precious stones, jewelry, handbags & wallets.

How much does United Airlines charge for extra or overweight baggage?

United Airlines charges some extra cost in case the baggage is overweight. The amount may vary for different travelers. They can go through the details mentioned to check the price of an additional or heavy bag.

  • If travelers with economy or premium class exceed their bag weight beyond 50 pounds or 23 kg to a maximum of 70 pounds or 32 kilograms, they need to pay approximately $100 to $200 per bag.
  • They are entitled to $ 400 per bag if their allowable weight exceeds 70 pounds or 32 kg to 100 pounds or 46 kg, respectively.


Question 1: How can I contact live agents for baggage policy?

Answer: You can contact live agents via phone & ask about all baggage related policies in detail with them. You can call the customer care number at +1(800) 864-8331 and all related assistance on the call.

Question 2: How can I get help with baggage at the Airport?

Answer: You can visit the Airport for at least 3 hours & ask for assistance from the concerned Airport personnel regarding baggage. The concerned executives sitting at the Airport will help you with your luggage.

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