What is American Airlines pet carry on policy?

American Airlines pet carry on policy, fees

American Airlines pet carry on policy: American Airlines is the world's largest airline based in the United States. They operate flights to 350 destinations worldwide & provide premium services onboard with excellent customer service too. If you are planning to travel with American Airlines but also have a pet to travel with you can do so with help of the information mentioned in this guide for your pets.

You can carry your pet dog/cat onboard with you on most flights for up to 12 hours or to/from selected locations like the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Alaska, and more. On flights with American Airlines, you can bring one kennel as your carry-on baggage if:

  • You paid the pet carrying fees.
  • And your pet can stay in a kennel under the seat in front of you the entire flight.

What are American Airlines' pet travel options?

American Airlines allows you to travel hassle free with your pets. Here you will get to know the overview of allowed pet types and sizes, and the acceptable pets allowed on board are only dogs & cats. There are three options to travel with pets which are as follows:-

  • Carry-on pets
  • Pets as checked baggage
  • Cargo service for pets

1. Carry-on pets

You can carry your pet inside the American Airlines cabin as carry on baggage inside a kennel. Along with a kennel, you can carry one personal item. No additional baggage will be allowed inside the aircraft except for these two.

2. Pets as checked baggage

This option is only available for active U.S. military and state department foreign service members.

3. Cargo services for pets

This service is allowed by American Airlines only to the selected places. Your pets are transported in the cargo.

What are all things to keep in mind while traveling with your pets?

There are certain American Airlines pet carry on policies you need to keep in mind if you are willing to travel with your pets.

1. Your pets must be vaccinated at least ten days before the flight's scheduled departure.
2. Your pet must be in healthy condition & must stay in one place the entire flight under the seat in front of you.
3. The kennel in which your pet will be traveling should have enough ventilation and comfortable space for them.
4. If you are willing to carry your pet, the age must be above eight weeks and it should not weigh more than 20 lbs.
5. You must complete all the formalities & documentation required for your pet's travel at least two days prior to the flight's departure.
6. Passengers must reach the airport 3 hours before to complete the check-in process on time.
7. Medical documents of the pets should be carried by the passengers.
8. No other pets except for cats & dogs can travel on American Airlines.
9. The enclosure must be made out of sturdy material.
Kennel must be waterproof.

How much does it cost to carry pets on American Airlines?

For traveling with your pets, there is an American Airlines pet carry on fee of $125 per kennel. Passengers can pay the amount and adhere to the guidelines and terms and conditions to carry their pets as carry on luggage.

How do I contact American Airlines to carry pets?

American Airlines allows their passengers to travel with their pets. If you are one who needs to book travel with your pets or need to ask some queries related to it you may contact them via the ways mentioned below:-

1. Connect over the phone

At American Airlines, you will get to experience one of the best customer services with the help of staff members who are very polite and quick to answer the phones. You may connect with an agent from the airline help desk & they will assist you with your travel with pets. The steps to call are as follows:-

  • Make sure to dial the correct American Airlines contact number at 1 (800) 433-7300.
  • Listen to the computerized IVR and press the correct keys as instructed.
  • Your call might get a hold up time, so please wait while your call gets connected.
  • Once on the call with an agent ask them to assist your travel with pets.

2. Connect via live chat

Live chat is the best option to connect with relatively less or no wait time. You can also chat with a virtual assistant if you have any issues/queries regarding your travel with pets. The steps are as follows:-

  • Visit American Airlines' official website.
  • On homepage, look for an option to contact & click on that.
  • On the redirected page, you will see an icon to chat.
  • A chatbox will open up; type in your issues/queries.

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