Detailed Guide on Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy

Turkish Airlines Baggage Policy and Fees

Turkish Airlines is one of the mainline carriers of the world and is based in Turkey. When you are traveling with Turkish Airlines with bags then you may have to govern as per the stated provisions. Furthermore, you can get that information under Turkish Airlines baggage policy and it has been defined at the bottom.

Cabin bags provisions

The handbags that you could take in cabin have to be governed according to the rules embedded in them and the detailed information about those are as such:-

  • You could get to bring one carry-on bag and one personal item luggage.
  • The dimensions of a cabin bag should be 23x40x55 cm with a weight of 8kg.
  • The size of personal items should not exceed 40x30x15 cm with a maximum weight of 4 kg.
  • When you have a gold card holder and have a ticket in the business class then you can carry a maximum weight of 16 each for each 8kgs.

Terms and conditions for Checked bags

The bags that exceed the limit of a cabin bag could be counted as checked bags. Further, you could have to gain information in accordance with that and it is as such:-

  • You can bring a maximum of two checked bags for free.
  • The size of the bags should not exceed 158 cm and the weight of each one should be 23 kg.
  • If you are traveling to business class then you can bring up to 32 kg baggage weight.
  • When you hold a classic plus status then you can bring 10 kg more and the elite can bring one more bag with a weight of 20kg.

Musical instruments and sports equipment

You can travel with musical or sports equipment then, you get a follow-up with different sets of terms and conditions. Now, the rules related to that are shown at the bottom.

  • The instruments such as skis, snowboards, parachutes and many more
  • Sports equipment could be around $15
  • The musical instrument dimension should not exceed 140X42X25 cm and a weight of 75 kg.
  • The cost could be between $200 to $1000, based on the instrument.

Excess bags on a flight

When you are overlapping the standard bag condition then you would have to pay Turkish Airlines baggage fees and that could be around $200. It could be based on the fare types and routes or journeys. There you could add as many bags as possible but have to pay a fee for the same. If you are traveling to TNRC then on a student discount fare, you would have to pay $1 per 1 kg bag weight.

Final Words

When you can get through the details stated in the above titles then you can gain sufficient information about the detailed Guide to Turkish Airlines baggage policy. Still if you are having trouble with its policies then communicate with its customer service team & find a solution.


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