How much cancellation charges for confirmed flight ticket?

How much are cancellation charges for a confirmed flight ticket?

Every traveler prefers to travel with an airline that works towards providing them exceptional customer service along with all the necessary amenities. This will give them a seamless travel experience as all their requirements are met. For the same purpose, travelers would like to know whether the airline they are traveling with has a flexible booking, cancellation & refund process. If travelers plan to cancel a ticket purchased with a flight, here is a complete guide to confirmed flight ticket cancellation charges along with other related details.

Flight Cancellation Policy

Every flight has formulated a basic flight cancellation policy that the passenger needs to adhere to if they wish to cancel with the airline that they would like to travel with:-

1. The tickets can be canceled based on 24 hour cancellation policy, wherein the passenger can make a cancellation with no additional charge within 24 hours.

2. The tickets which come under the refundable category would be eligible for free cancellations.

3. Passengers who have made an elite class booking in the premium or first class cabins have the flexibility to make the cancellation 3 to 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. It can easily be done at zero extra cost.

4. Medical emergencies or the death of a close relative are taken into account when a cancellation needs to be made by the passenger. However, they need to provide the necessary proof & documents as per the requirement of the team with the airline.

5. Ticket fares that have been purchased with travel insurance coverage can be easily canceled without charges provided the passengers submit proof of the plan they bought.

6. Delays & cancellations that occur due to the airline's fault are treated as major factors in the cancellation process. The passenger in such instances can make the cancellation & get a full refund without any difficulty.

7. The ease with which a flight cancellation can be made depends also on the mode through which the reservation was made. Tickets purchased through third party agents cannot be canceled by the airline directly. The passenger can contact the agent for the process to be initiated.

Flight Cancellation Process

There are various methods through which the passenger can make the flight cancellation with an airline which is:-

1. Through the official website

The passengers can easily make the cancellation by following the simple steps that have been given here:

  • Visit the official website of the airline.
  • Scroll through the page to find the My Bookings or My Trip icon and tap on it.
  • Enter the details of the booking reference or code and the last name of the passenger to make a submission to retrieve the booking.
  • On the booking page that gets displayed, go through the Menu List provided & choose cancel booking link.
  • State reason for cancellation, make payment, if any & submit.
  • A confirmation mail will be shared by airline on the registered email address of the passenger after submission.

2. Via Email

The airline can be contacted through the mail to request the cancellation that the passenger would like to make. The passenger can share all the relevant details obligatory to start the cancellation process.

There can be instances when the cancellation is not getting processed through the online modes discussed above. In such instances, the passenger can also choose the alternative mode of cancellation with the airline by the offline method, which is:

  • Via Call:

The passenger can request cancellation with the airline by placing a call with the representative of the customer support team, who will then initiate the process for them as per their requirement.

  • At the airport:

Most airlines provide cancellation of the flight at the airport at the ticket counters. The staff with the airline will help with the process in the situations that demand it.


Question: What is the fee charged for cancellation with an airline?

Answer: Once the passenger has an understanding of the cancellation policy and process, they would like to understand; how much cancellation charges for confirmed flight ticket?; which is usually decided by the factors given below:-

  • The time at which the passenger is applying for cancellation with the airline.
  • The destination to which the flight is making its course,
  • The flight route & distance between the two destinations.
  • The ticket fare at which the booking was made is subject to the tickets purchased through deals, discounts & vouchers.
  • The class in which the passenger purchased the ticket.

Usually, the confirmed flight ticket cancellation charges with airline range between 0 USD to 200 USD which varies with different airlines.

Final Words: I hope the above provided information will be useful to have clarity on the cancellation process with an airline as and when the situation demands it.

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