What is American Airlines' baggage policy?

The ultimate traveler's guide to American Airlines' baggage policy

If you have prepared everything for the journey you will take from American Airlines, the baggage is left. There are certain things about which you should be aware so that it becomes easy for you to prepare the bags. Things such as the American Airlines baggage policy, requirements, rules, regulations, etc. Knowing everything related to the baggage will help you sort out many things. We will discuss all the baggage you can carry & how you can check in for American flights.

What is American Airlines' baggage policy?

If you are carrying baggage that does not follow the rules set by the Airline, then you might have to face some difficulties, and your baggage might get rejected during the check-in. Go through the terms and conditions and prepare the baggage:

  • You can bring up to 10 bags if traveling on Domestic, Transatlantic & Transpacific flights.
  • For all other flights, you can have 3 bags for the Flagship First flight and 2 bags for all other flights such as business, premium & economy.
  • Except for Australia and New Zealand, if you are having a flight from other regions then you are allowed to bring 23 kg of weight.
  • When it comes to the size then in total dimensions, bags size 62 inches can be brought to the flight.
  • The carry-on bags can be brought with 18 kg of weight with 18 x 14 x 8 inches in size.
  • Make sure that your bags follow all the rules and regulations given by American Airlines; otherwise, they will not be accepted at the ticket counter.
  • Oversize, broken, disfigured & badly tied with ropes and wires bags will be rejected at the American Airlines check-in.
  • You can have one personal item with carry-on luggage which can be carried on the flight.
  • You can bring a hand purse, backpack, laptop, guitar or any small musical instrument, kids scroller, books, camera, binoculars, walking cane, baby cot, blanket, etc as a free personal item with carry-on.
  • There are some items that are not allowed to be brought on the flight, such as scissors, knives, needles, syringes, lighter, etc. And if you are bringing them for medical or any apparent reasons then you need to take permission from the Airline.

How to contact American Airlines on the phone?

After going through the Baggage Policy of American Airlines you will hardly face any trouble. However, still, if there is anything causing issues for you then you can contact the Airline on their phone number and get instant Help. Follow the below procedure to get the number:

  • Visit the official website of American Airlines.
  • Then scroll down to Help and pick Contact American.
  • Get to Call Us and click on "Reservations & Ticket changes."
  • All the country's phone numbers will be given on the next page & you can pick out the one you want.
  • Or you can dial 800-433-7300, the customer service phone number of the Airline & speak to the executives to ask the queries.

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