Air New Zealand's Travel Insurance Policy: Detailed Guide

Air New Zealand Travel Insurance Policy

Travel insurance is the best way to avoid any risk while traveling. It is the best medium to make your trip safe and secure. Air New Zealand is one of those airlines that offers several advantages to travelers who purchase their travel insurance. There are many travelers who want to collect details regarding Air New Zealand Travel insurance policy & are unaware of all the features and linked benefits. If you are also curious to know what is covered by the travel insurance policy of this airline then you can refer to the important data provided in the upcoming section.

What are the benefits of having Air New Zealand travel insurance policies?

If any customer purchases travel policies of Air New Zealand & is confused about the benefits then he can refer to the following perks associated with them:

1. If any passengers' health deteriorates during a journey with Air New Zealand then the airline is responsible for sending passengers back to their own region safely.

2. Passengers can also get emergency medical expenses if they secure their trip with travel insurance.

3. If any passenger cancels his domestic reservation then expenses are covered by travel insurance.

4. If your co-passenger falls sick and cannot travel with you then you can cancel your booking, and expenses are covered within travel insurance policy.

What is not included in Air New Zealand travel insurance?

Travelers must note that the following conditions are covered in travel insurance & passengers are not eligible to make a claim for the same:-

1. Passengers are not liable to make COVID–19 related claims if they are planning to travel on a multi-night cruise.

2. If your region has COVID-19 restrictions imposed, then you are not liable to make a claim using Air New Zealand travel insurance.

3. If any passenger is diagnosed with COVID-19 during his journey, then he might not be eligible to get all the benefits of the insurance as only limited benefits are given in that case.

Whom to contact if you have any concerns regarding the Air New Zealand travel insurance policy?

If any traveler has already purchased an Air New Zealand travel insurance policy & has any concerns regarding the same then he can send an email. They are also required to provide all information regarding their purchased travel insurance to get their problems resolved.

What is the free look period for Air New Zealand travel insurance buyers?

Air New Zealand offers a 21-day free look period to insurance buyers; during that period if they are not happy or unsatisfied with their purchase they can get back their full payment.


It is always better to secure your Air New Zealand trip with travel insurance policies. However, travelers must always take one thing into note if they purchase a travel policy just before 21 days of flight departure then they are not liable to get all the associated benefits. If any traveler has any concerns regarding Air New Zealand travel insurance policies then can reach the airline by calling at 0800 500 248. They can collect all the required information & eliminate their confusion regarding the same.

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