What is American Airlines pregnancy policy?

American Airlines Pregnancy Policy Explained: Know Your Rights

Let's say you are planning a trip with American Airlines, and you have to check in with a co-passenger who is pregnant before your trip; So, in that case, you must look for American airlines pregnancy policy because once you have enough knowledge about it, you will get help for such extraordinary situations quite intelligently and easily. So with this quick guide, you will get enough idea about pregnancy policies and if you still want more help then you can easily connect with American Airlines on-call support for guidance.

American Airlines pregnancy policies

As for pregnancy policies, there are a few points to get considered by females while traveling with American Airlines:

  • While you are traveling with American Airlines and your due date is within 4 weeks of your flight, then in such situations, you should provide a doctor's certificate which states that you have been recently examined for fit to fly.
  • Female travelers who wish to get extra legroom while traveling with American Airlines at the time of pregnancy then they must provide medical certificates at the time of ticket purchase.
  • To get extra privileges during your journey as a pregnant lady you can add them with the help of using the official site page of American Airlines, which is under special assistance.
  • Females should try to avoid wearing tight or fitted clothes & instead of that, they must opt for loose or comfortable outfits to make their journey more relaxed and smooth.
  • Note pregnant ladies should try to avoid some items for intake and those points include drinks or gas producing meals before and during their trip.
  • As per the American airline's pregnancy policy, females are also allowed and suggested to stand and walk within the flight after the take-off to avoid cramps or swelling on long haul journeys quickly.
  • The last point to consider is that according to American Airlines' pregnancy policy, the use of seat belts is compulsory even in cases of expectant mothers. You can also request an extended belt feature for comfortable traveling. 

 Domestic Flights rules at American Airlines:

  • Pregnant women will not be authorized to travel during the seven days before and after the birth date if you have domestic flights under five hours booked.
  • If you want to travel under this time frame, then you must show approval directly from your physician & have a special assistance coordinator for your travel.

International flights guidelines at American Airlines:

  • For females who have a 4 week due date then, American Airlines always seeks a physician's note that states that they have been examined within the past 48 hours and you get the permission stating that they are fit to fly.
  • The same goes for the seven days before or after your delivery females with pregnancy must provide a medical form that should get approved by the concerned physician.


Q 1: How many weeks pregnant can you fly American Airlines?

Answer: At American Airlines pregnant females are permitted to fly for up to 27 weeks without any restrictions. Or else, if there is no issue or complication in the delivery you are permitted to travel for up to 35 weeks. However, it is highly recommended that you discuss your journey with your doctor before you plan your journey. 

Q 2: Can I fly at 32 weeks pregnant American Airlines?

Answer: Yes, American Airlines offer pregnant females an option of 32-week travel as off healthy pregnancy because it is considered safe and secure. However, in such events times of traveling, you should provide American Airlines with a medical certificate which gets ensured with the physician adequately.

Q 3: Which seat is best for a pregnant woman on an American Airlines flight?

Answer: While making an online reservation or on call reservation on American Airlines for female pregnant travelers, so is highly suggested to purchase an "Aisle Seat." The benefit of choosing an Aisle seat is that you will have more legroom otherwise, you will be able to walk in flight without any issues to avoid cramps or any other difficulty.

Q 4: How to fly comfortably while pregnant?

Answer: If you wish that you want comfortable travel then you not only read American Airlines' policy for pregnancy but also you should consider some additional benefits as mentioned below.

  1. Pack for your trimester
  2. Pack your own snacks
  3. Pack a bungee chord
  4. Bring your own pillow

Q 5: How can I reserve a flight with American Airlines while pregnant?

Answer: Generally, planning with pregnant females can get a little hectic but there are two simple mediums available for how to reserve a flight with American Airlines while pregnant that you should try to add online with the official website under the special assistance section or call on 800-433-7300 and get assistance because the available assistant are 24 hours a day, 7 days week present to provide you complete guidance in regarding such travelling.

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