How do I get my money back for a missed Avelo Airlines flight?

How do I get my money back for a missed Avelo Airlines flight?

Avelo Airlines have issued a few rules and regulations for a refund. If you have already canceled the booked itinerary & are looking for "How do I get my money back for a missed Avelo Airlines flight", you can submit the refund request for the canceled ticket via the refund form, accessible only on Avelo Airlines' official website.

What is Avelo Airlines' refund policy?

Before applying for a refund with Avelo Airlines, you must know under which circumstances the penalty for cancellation will be deducted from the refund amount & how long it will take to transfer the amount. To understand all these aspects, you should look at the listed points.

1. Avelo permits the passengers to cancel the scheduled flight reservation up to 15 minutes before the scheduled departure with the applicable cancellation fee.

2. All cancellation reservations refund will be transferred to the Avelo Travel fund account of the customers & they can redeem these travel vouchers for a future booking for any destination.

3. If the traveler cancels the booking by calling the customer service team, then $20 will apply to cancellation charges.

4. Customers who cancel the itinerary within 24 hours of purchase & seven days before the scheduled departure can get a full refund to the original payment method online.

Steps to Request a Refund from Avelo Airlines

If a customer finds the canceled itinerary eligible for a refund or compensation, then it is not an automatic process; you need to contact the Airline or submit the form by following these steps. Customers must have canceled the flight tickets to fill out the refund form.

1. If the cancellation is already made, then the customer should proceed to fill out the refund form on manage booking.

2. The link will display on the screen. Click on it to open the form.

3. Kindly enter the required details like account, personal, and booking details and submit them.

4. The refund will be transferred within seven to ten days of the request.

Seeking Compensation for Missed Flight

If the reservation is not canceled before 15 minutes of the scheduled departure or in case of a show then Airline automatically cancels the reservation without notice. In that case, all charges with the specific flight are forfeited. You must check the refund policy to know all the circumstances under which Airline provides compensation.

Contacting Avelo Airlines Customer Service

In case travelers have any confusion related to cancellation and refund. The Travelers can reach them via phone number 346-616-9500 to clear doubts about a refund from details or cancellation fees. Connecting the call with the customer support executive will take some time. Once your call gets linked with them, share the query to get a suitable answer.

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