Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy and Fees

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy and Fees

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy: Bags are one of the numerous pre-flight considerations that must be made for airline travel. It's because airlines only allowed a certain amount of luggage on flights which varied depending on the routes and cost. Similarly, being aware of the luggage restrictions should be your main priority when making travel arrangements with Spirit Airlines.

Render information about Spirit Airlines baggage policy

By Spirit Airlines' stated terms & conditions you may bring a bag. Additionally, you can find that information in Spirit Airlines' luggage policy which is detailed below the titles:-

Personal items and carry-on bags

The rules and regulation for bags that you can bring in the cabin has been marked under this topic & details are as follows:-

  • You can take one personal item bag for free with a dimension of 45 x 35 x 20 cm
  • One carry-on bag is permitted but it is chargeable
  • The size of carry-on bags should be 22 x 18 x 10 inches.
  • These bags have to fit in the overhead bin or under the front seat

Checked bags

When you are traveling with more bags then you get to submit that to baggage counters, & details of Spirit Airlines' checked baggage allowance have been stated below:-

  • The highest checked bags allowed is five & each of them could be chargeable.
  • The size of the bags should be 62 linear inches & standard weight should be 18 kg.
  • If you are in U.S. active military duty then you can take up to two free checked bags.

Overweight and oversize

When you exceed the limit set by Spirit Airlines for bags, then you could be considered overweight and oversized. Hence, the provision for that are as follows:-

  • The charge for weight between 18 kg to 23 kg is $79
  • For the 23 kg to 45 kg it could be $125
  • The dimension of the bags is between 63 to 80 linear inches so you would have to pay around $150.

Sports equipment

  • The permitted equipment includes golf clubs, skis, bicycles & many more.
  • Some of them could be governed as per checked bags & fees could be applied accordingly.
  • The cost for a Bicycle is $75
  • You can take at least two surfboards in a bag for a fee of $100.

Acknowledge fees for bags on Spirit Airlines

On Spirit Airlines you can travel with free bags but that is limited to U.S. active military duty or elite members. When you do not fall into that category then you could have to pay spirit airlines baggage fees & the list of that has been laid below:-

  • For carry-on bags:- $69 to $99
  • For first checked bags:- $64 to $99
  • For second checked bags:- $88 to $99
  • For 3rd to 5th bags:- $98 to $100

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